Replacement Batteries 

Replacement Batteries Available

"The In Thing ..." carries a range of Lithium Button Cell Batteries which are used in the various products 

Remember to order some extra batteries whenever you place an order.  This will save you both time and money and possibly a lot of stress as there is nothing worse than going to set up your event and discovering the batteries are flat.  

"The In Thing ..." does not however, carry AA or AAA batteries though - I have have found that Builders Warehouse own brand offer the best value for money - quality and light up time.   (I can assure you I have tried every brand on the market!)

CR20-32 Batteries - pack of 5 - for:

Submersible & Mini LED Tea Lights, LED Candles, 

Submersible Diamond Lights, Submersible Mini LED Light Strings, 

1.5m Mini LED Light Strings with Tiny Battery Pack,  2m on Copper wire with round battery pack

Multi Bunch Lights, 

Floating Orbs, Ovals & Heart and Floating Flowers 

CR12-20 - pack of 50 - for:

Twinkle Fairy Berries 

recycling waste disposal of batteries

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"The In Thing..." has moved - I am now based in Tokai, Cape Town.

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