Tiny Battery Pack Lights String 

The difference Pure o rWarm White

As battery pack is so small it's easy to hide it away in any decor


Using less power than the Classic L.E.D. Bulb without loosing any of the brightness & therefore increasing Light Up time with battery operation 

On Silver plated wire they are easy to manipulate in any direction, around any shape & stay in place/keep their shape but can be gently straightened out again with ease.  

Plus the Silver wire becomes just about invisible when lit up, in the dark. 

Pure White,  Warm White

Mini LED Light Strings are 1.5m long with 20 Mini LEDs 

Push button with 3 settings - static light plus 2 flashing options. 

PLUS now in colours - Red, Blue, Green and Purple 

Battery pack is just 4cm x 3cm x 1.5cm in size.  

Takes 2 x CR20-32 batteries - Supplied & Replaceable. 

Light up time 36 hours +

NEW Copper Wire with 

Warm White LED

Mini LED Light Strings are 2m long with 20 Mini LEDs 

Push button round battery pack with 2 settings - static light plus flashing option.

Takes 2 x CR20-32 Batteries - Supplied & Replaceable 


On-Line Retail Shop - open 24/7 for Everyone who 'Loves Lights'

On-Line Retail Shop - open 24/7 for Everyone who 'Loves Lights'

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