Glow Sticks 


The Glow Stick Dance

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The Ravers favorite, the Party Essential but Glow Sticks are more than just that....

Highlight the dark water at a Pool Party

Don't loose the ice tub full of beers at the braai

Have some Bowling Fun on the lawn - at night

Light the path ways by cutting open Glow Sticks & shaking into Jam Jars.  Even add glitter too (do this with care please)

Glow Parties are 'The In Thing' for Teenagers - glow the cake & balloons too

Weddings with a fun send off - toss at the Bride & Groom upon their departure

Make Bath Time Fun Time for the kids

20cm long - assorted mixed colours per tube - Red, Blue, Green & Yellow

Connectors included to make bracelets, necklaces or just to join into long lines

Tubes of 100 or tubes of 50 available 


On-Line Retail Shop - open 24/7 for Everyone who 'Loves Lights'

On-Line Retail Shop - open 24/7 for Everyone who 'Loves Lights'

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