Remote Control Mini LED Tea Lights 

Awesome Design with Mini Tea Lights

Once set up just use the remote to switch on as night falls

The all time Favorite  Mini LED Tea Lights have just got BETTER ...

Now come with a Remote Control ...

Pure White or Warm White only - just switch on / off with remote & make set ups a little bit easier

A dual purpose Tea Light to use in place of standard wax/flame tea lights or use in water

Will totally submerse in the water & sit on the bottom of your vase or stay within the Water Beads  where you place them

Twist base to turn on initially - ensure rubber O-ring is sealed properly when using in liquid.  Then use the remote

1 L.E.D bulb

2 cm high & 2.75cm diameter

Take 2 x CR2032 Batteries - Supplied & Replaceable.  Light up time 48 hours +

Pure White or Warm White Pack of 12 - with 1 remote (one colour per pack)

Can still be used to swap colours on the Diamond Lights which then offers extra light refraction


On-Line Retail Shop - open 24/7 for Everyone who 'Loves Lights'

On-Line Retail Shop - open 24/7 for Everyone who 'Loves Lights'

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