Acrylic Light 'Bulbs'


As seen at SARCDA March 2017 - The In Thing Stand was totally Monstera Deliciosa & Copper Loving with a great G&T Bar

As a Non Lighting item these are 'Oh So Versatile' 

Made of acrylic so wont smash to a million pieces if you drop them  

With a flat bottom they stand wherever you put them

Water tight container - remove the cap to use as super cute, trendy little vases  (or just pop out the top piece & keep the cap on) 

Hang them anywhere as super light weight 

Fill with small candy for super cute gifts & favours 

Serve your drinks in them for some 'Edison Vibes' - just pop out the top piece & poke through a straw 

You could even cut out a hole & pop in a LED Tea light Candle 

(also see the Glass 'Light Bulb' Baubles too that can also be used with naked flame T.Light Candles) 

You have the imagination - go have some fun 

12cm high & 7cm at the widest point of the 'bulb' 

Silver colour removeable screw cap 

Sold in packs of 10

OR pop in a String of the Mini LED Light Strings with tiny Batter Packs & LIGHT Them UP

to imitate that Naked Globe vibe that's topping the decor trends 

Take a look through the gallery for ideas plus see the instruction sheet link for details of these projects

Download or just view the instruction brochure HERE 


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On-Line Retail Shop - open 24/7 for Everyone who 'Loves Lights'

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