Fairy Twinkle Berries

Fairy Twinkle Berries

Call them by any name you wish - they are still magical

NB: This video has music with it.

Fairy Twinkle Berries - Transform your event or Wedding into a magical wonderland!

Place these small, 2cm diameter clear balls everywhere around your party or wedding venue. On the lawn, in the garden, hanging from trees, shrubs and ceilings. Add to floral arrangements, even into water beads.

Each one has a tiny glowing LED that fades on and off slowly. Collectively, they produce a moving firefly or fairy light effect that is absolutely unique!

Call them Fairy Berries or Twinkle Berries 

Finally available in South Africa

Fairy lights are all well and good but sometimes you need that extra magic to bring your entire garden to life with Fireflies & Fairies.  Or to add twinkling stars hanging from  the ceiling

Even a soft undulating glow in your floral decor this is where Fairy Twinkle Berries come in

Just less than 2cm in diameter these battery operated 'balls' gently fade on & off for up to 20 hours.  

Collectively they produce a unique moving firefly effect

Water resistant design allows for use in water features as they float too.  Or hang anywhere by inserting fishing line & clipping casing closed again

Pack of 12 - Batteries Supplied and Replaceable - 2x CR1220  

Light up time 20 hours

Colours - Pure White, Warm White, Red, Blue, NEW Teal, Pink, Purple

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