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Battery Operated Lights & Strings


Gone are the days of running 100's of metres

of extension cords all over the place


No longer do we need to check every single bulb when one blows to find which one it is.


With L.E.D. lighting technology (Light Emitting Diodes) we can now efficiently run lights on battery power.

They offer more than enough time to enjoy any function to its fullest.


Cool to the touch so great to use when draping with organza, silks & similar fabrics.

Or anywhere you can imagine .... & with anything you want as totally portable.


Pure White for sharp crisp light with a cool undertone.

Warm White gives a softer glow like incandescent  fairy lights or a candle light.

Plus there is a whole array of colours ...

... can't choose - go with Multi Strings or even RGB Colour Changing.


Want to have Lights in the water - in a vase, in the pool or a water feature?

Look no further than The Submersible Ranges


See the Selection of Battery Operated Basics or check out the latest 10m long - 120 hours Battery Operated

Mini LED are all the thing right now on Silver Wire & some come with super tiny Battery Packs

Take a look at  Party Lights or EL Wire for something totally different


See The Light Strings Chart for what come in what


The In Thing also carries selected replacement batteries

(not AA or AAA's)

go shopping for battery operated lights


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