Plug-in & Solar
12.8m Connectable
 12.8m Connectable
 Solar Fairy Lights
 12.8m Connectable
 Solar Rope Lights
 Mini Snowfall Curtain
 Solar Chinese Lanterns
 Mini Snowfall Curtain

Plug-In & Solar Lights


For those times when Battery Operation is not necessary.


Or can not offer the power that is needed to run a particular product.


For Outdoor Use Solar Lights offer energy efficient lighting without the need for a power plug point

Or Plug in IP65 rated outdoor LED Light Strings - 20m & connectable


For Indoor Use Plug-in Lights are still a staple product in any Event Decor


With today's L.E.D. lighting you keep the power consumption extra low too.


Our New Range - Solar Lights come in variety of decorative options


Take a look at the Classic Basic Plug-in Lights 10 & 20m Connectable


Or for something totally different - Mini Snowfall Curtains


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