Diamond Lights


Will totally submerse in the water & sit on the bottom of your vase


With ‘The Diamond’ for extra light refraction


Steady Light (except RGB Colour Changing)

1 L.E.D bulb. Light up time 48 hours


Twist base to turn on, untwist to turn off.

Ensure rubber O-ring is sealed properly


6.5cm High & 4.5cm diameter

Take 2 x CR2032 Batteries

Supplied & Replaceable

Pack of 4 - one colour per packed


No need to purchase in every colour

- use Submersible Mini Tea Lights to swap the colours

Just gently pull off the Tea Light at base & pop on a different colour


BLEDPW00.06C-SU - Pure White

BLEDWW00.06C-SU- Warm White

BLEDAM00.06C-SU- Amber

BLEDRD00.06C-SU- Red

BLEDBB00.06C-SU- Blue

BLEDGR00.06C-SU- Green

BLEDPK00.06C-SU- Pink

BLEDPU00.06C-SU- Purple/Ultra Violet

BLEDMU00.06C-SU- RGB Colour Changing


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