Submersible Mini Light Strings



100% Submersible (including Battery Pack – sinks to bottom)


Twist base to turn on, untwist to turn off. Ensure rubber O-ring is sealed properly


1.25m with 25 Mini L.E.D Lights


Steady Light only.


Light up time 48 hours


Silver Plated Wire for maximum luminosity plus totally bendable


Takes 2 x CR20-32 Batteries - Supplied & Replaceable


Available in Pure White, Warm White, Blue & Purple/UV


Also in Red, Green & Blue alternate L.E.D bulbs all on one string – not RGB or flashing


Pure White - BLEDPW01.25C-SU

Warm White - BLEDWW01.25C-SU

Blue - BLEDBB01.25C-SU

Purple/UV - BLEDPU01.25C-SU

Red, Green & Blue - BLEDMU01.25C-SU

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