10m Light Strings


10 metres

Running on Battery Power

never available before now


Light up time 48 hours +


Added function - Timer switch - 8 hours on & 16 hours off - for 7 days


Great for shop windows & longer displays


100 Mini Super Bright L.E.D's


Just the size of a grain of rice so small enough to be unobtrusive yet still providing great lighting


Steady Only.


Totally flexible & bendable Silver Plated wire

for extra reflective shine & luminosity


Takes 4  x AA Batteries - Not Supplied



Item Code BLEDPW10.00C-TN - Pure White

Item Code BLEDWW10.00C-TT - Warm White - Currently Out Of Stock


Also see the 1.5m & 2m Mini LED Light Strings if you need a shorter length or other colours

Prefer a plug in model


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